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About Us

Welcome to Core Invest Institute

About Us

We believe that everyone who is paying for their financial education should receive 100% understanding about the topic.

Many trainers in the stocks and options education industry does not fulfill that as they wanted repeated business, therefore upsell their programs to their audience again and again.

We are confident that many other trainers only share 30% of what we share. Core Invest Institute is different as we priorities our community to be profitable, confident and safe where the fees to learn is affordable and programs are complete.

Fundamental Analysis - Stocks Investing0%

Technical Analysis - Charting0%

Professional Options Trading0%

Risk Management Analysis0%

Mentorship, Coaching and Support0%

Jeremy Tan

Jeremy Tan is a full time stock and options trader who manages an investment portfolio with 20% return on investment. His strategies focuses on Mid to Long term investments such as high growth Stocks, Commodities & Options. He believes in investing in strong companies that appreciates in the Long Run.

He understands that the market is unpredictable and volatile due to various market conditions therefore he is well updated with the latest news, events & investment strategies.

Jeremy started his investment journey over 10 years ago focusing on stocks and options investment. With a focus to build a supportive local community, he founded Core Invest Institute with Waimin.

Waimin Foo

Waimin is a full time stock and options trader who manages an investment portfolio with 60% return on investment. His strategies focuses on Short to Mid term investments such as Futures, Indexes, Stocks & Options. He believes that every trade needs a strong set-up to profit successfully.

He is well versed with technical analysis knowledge and applies diligently to the current market. He believes that a good entry is far better than repairing one.

Over the past 20 years, he has been a trader in Stocks, Unit Trusts, Structured Notes & Options investments and he teaches Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis and Options Trading.


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